Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too much shopping, too little posting

I've bought three dresses in the last two days. I better start wearing them.

I got this awesome dress today (and then stole the picture of it from because it's 1:38 a.m. and I'm not playing dress up right now). I am trying to think of how to tone it down slightly so that I can wear it a bit more casually. I love the pattern and the fit, but after all, this is Reno and we don't run around in stuff like this on a regular basis. Will sleep on it. Stay tuned.

Also purchased a simple cotton black dress and a bright blue t-shirt dress from Target. I think both will get lots of wear out of them. Is it sad that I'm sort of looking forward to school starting and having a reason to care about what I wear during the day? Will regret this statement as soon as I set foot into a classroom.


  1. Um, this is Reno and I say we start dressing up more! That's my mantra anyway. I love that first dress. Another sis discount? Man, I wish retail work for the discounts...

    Excited to see it on you! Perhaps Friday? Movies? 500 Days of Summer? C'mon...

  2. And my wish I meant, miss...whoops