Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family dinner

It's my little sister's 18th birthday today. We are about to go to out to dinner, and I, as usual, have irritated my family (sisters mainly) by wanting to dress up more than they do. Sorry guys, but when the outfit inspiration hits, you have to go with it.
I've had this black skirt in my closet forever...and I don't think I've ever actually worn it. I have no idea why--I'm totally in love with it right now. We'll be seeing more of this skirt, I think.


Black skirt: Old Navy
Blue appliqué tank: Urban Outfitters
T-strap heels: Steve Madden
Rose necklace: Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday night band groupie

Last week I was out with some friends and saw my former hairdresser. I was so ashamed from having cheated on her last month that I hid. I'm having an affair with Devlin from Rock Star Hair Studio in Reno and I really like it.

Last night I went to see one of my boyfriend's bands play. It was a joint birthday party for one of the members. A majority of my social life revolves around going to see my boyfriend play and sitting by myself. It makes me feel like such a groupie. Maybe, just maybe one of my friends will take my up on my invites one day and join me. Ahem--Krystal--ahem.


Flannel shirt: Some boutique in San Fran
Grey wedges: Journeys
Denim shorts: Gap
Black belt: Thrifted

Since it was only a Monday night and not a very fancy place, there wasn't much need to get too dressed up. Halfway through the night a group of girls stumbled into the bar completely wasted and dressed head to toe in sequins and stilettos. It looked a little off for a Monday. How lucky for those girls, apparently not having a real job and all.

Anyway, my style icon (she wears what I wish I could pull off) and friend (in our Reno version of Sex and the City fantasy she's Carrie and I'm Miranda)over at nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award.

I guess this means I'm supposed to list seven things about myself and then nominate seven more people. Since I have a whopping two followers, who have undoubtedly already done this, I guess I'll skip the second part.

1. I have one semester left before I graduate college
2. I studied in Stirling, Scotland for one semester
3. I'm just under 5'10"
4. This summer I've been Soccer Momming for money. Not so easy, really.
5. I'm taking a photography class this fall and am really excited about it. I don't get excited about classes. Ever.
6. I've traveled to: S. Korea, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and Canada.
7. I work for a college newspaper

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Retail therapy

Plagued by a week of food poisoning and excessive medical facility visits, I gave in to a little retail therapy. A pair of shoes, jewelry making supplies and a trip to Junkee later, I might be feeling a wee bit better.

I always hate trying to buy necklaces that work well with my chest, so I decided to start making my own. My mom and I were talking not too long ago about how it used to be much more commen for women used to wear watches on necklaces as opposed to on their wrists. My friend Krystal ( sported a necklace watch for a while, but I wasn't willing to shell out the money to UO for my own.

Silver chain+watch face+charm=

Jewelry making appears to be addicting.

Back in the day I worked for Old Navy for two years. I swore that I wouldn't buy lots of clothes from that store any more after I realized how much money I threw away on stuff that never seems to fit well after one wash. Yet when I saw a grey vest at a local thrift store for only $6 and that actually fit pretty well, I made an exception.

I also picked up these shoes at a discount shoe store. Why is it that when you try shoes on at a store they don't hurt, but the second you wear them for a few minutes elsewhere they do?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I spent this past weekend traveling up to Spokane to visit some family. While I was there, I had dreams of venturing to Nordstrom and purchasing fantastic shoes and a new outfit.
We only made it to the Nordstrom Rack, and the shopping gods were not so much on my side.
I did, however, buy this t-shirt dress for $40, orginally priced at 120. I had to teach a design class today, so I opted for my most comfortable shorts and this grey shirt to add a layer. My most favorite and reliable shoes made the whole thing slightly less casual.t-shirt dress: nordstrom rack
grey layering shirt: urban outfitter
denim shorts: gap
grey wedges: journeys
rose necklace: urban outfitter

Thursday, July 9, 2009

photo booth

This is what happens when you're supposed to be working. Too bad this mac camera isn't good for outfit shots. Silly.

Non-eventful day

Some days, I don't really want to get out of bed and make myself look presentable.
There wasn't much going in my day today. Picking up kids at day camp, teaching my little sister how to drive, working on a tutorial. That, and I had about 4 minutes to get dressed. Thus, comfort was in order.
I grabbed this baby doll top thinking it would look great with something colorful or with a pattern layered underneath. The tank top is about 6 years old and fits like a belly it's hard to wear it underneath other things without it looking weird. But I love the pattern and can't seem to get rid of it. Seemed like a good mix for a day of non-excitement.
Also, I'm totally in love with this necklace.

Baby doll knit top: Thrift store
Floral tank top: Eigenpost (Hipster store I found in S. Korea)
Denim shorts: Old Navy
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Friday, July 3, 2009

Men's shoes?

I bought these cool men's leather shoes the other day at Savers. Someone had labeled them for women's shoes...and I bought them anyway for $3. My sister, who doesn't seem to appreciate my fashion randomness said "i don't HATE them." Thanks, Maggie.
I've been meaning to try this ruffled top with one of my high waisted skirts, and I'm definitely a fan.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Polka dots

I found this dress at a thrift shop yesterday for $12. Win.
It happened to go well with the sandals and headband I wore yesterday...leaving me with very few decisions earlier today when I was getting dressed.

Polka dot dress: Thrift store
Sandals: Old Navy
Headband: Target

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thrift shopping adventure

I had the day off from any responsibilities, so I decided to retry my luck at thrift shopping. I usually become impatient and give up, or I don't find anything. Today, however, I scored pretty big, I think.
Two best items: a brown and white polka dot dress and a pair of men's leather shoes small enough to fit me. The latter was in the women's section at savers and it wasn't until I showed them to my mom that she pointed out they were men's shoes. I had just thought they looked like saddle shoes. But they (kind of) fit so hey--whatever works.
Here's what I wore shopping today:
Printed dress: Maurices
White sandals: Old Navy
Brown feathered headband: Target
Wooden earrings: Gift from friend

I bought the dress a couple of years ago and just recently rediscovered it. I've always liked the combination of patterns in the print.

Did a lot of shopping in San Fran this weekend, which has re-inspired me to stop wearing shorts, a t-shirt and Vans every day. Stay tuned.