Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family dinner

It's my little sister's 18th birthday today. We are about to go to out to dinner, and I, as usual, have irritated my family (sisters mainly) by wanting to dress up more than they do. Sorry guys, but when the outfit inspiration hits, you have to go with it.
I've had this black skirt in my closet forever...and I don't think I've ever actually worn it. I have no idea why--I'm totally in love with it right now. We'll be seeing more of this skirt, I think.


Black skirt: Old Navy
Blue appliqué tank: Urban Outfitters
T-strap heels: Steve Madden
Rose necklace: Urban Outfitters


  1. You look gorgeous!! Love the blue color of the top!

  2. Hells yeah. The infamous blue shirt! Love! Although I really do like this skirt, the shirt itself was pretty awesome with the leggings. Just saying. I know your thing about leggings, but hey, you're covered either way, right?

    Is there tulle under that skirt? Awesome points if there is!

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  4. I love that embellished tank!!!! You look awesome.