Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday night band groupie

Last week I was out with some friends and saw my former hairdresser. I was so ashamed from having cheated on her last month that I hid. I'm having an affair with Devlin from Rock Star Hair Studio in Reno and I really like it.

Last night I went to see one of my boyfriend's bands play. It was a joint birthday party for one of the members. A majority of my social life revolves around going to see my boyfriend play and sitting by myself. It makes me feel like such a groupie. Maybe, just maybe one of my friends will take my up on my invites one day and join me. Ahem--Krystal--ahem.


Flannel shirt: Some boutique in San Fran
Grey wedges: Journeys
Denim shorts: Gap
Black belt: Thrifted

Since it was only a Monday night and not a very fancy place, there wasn't much need to get too dressed up. Halfway through the night a group of girls stumbled into the bar completely wasted and dressed head to toe in sequins and stilettos. It looked a little off for a Monday. How lucky for those girls, apparently not having a real job and all.

Anyway, my style icon (she wears what I wish I could pull off) and friend (in our Reno version of Sex and the City fantasy she's Carrie and I'm Miranda)over at http://thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.com/ nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award.

I guess this means I'm supposed to list seven things about myself and then nominate seven more people. Since I have a whopping two followers, who have undoubtedly already done this, I guess I'll skip the second part.

1. I have one semester left before I graduate college
2. I studied in Stirling, Scotland for one semester
3. I'm just under 5'10"
4. This summer I've been Soccer Momming for money. Not so easy, really.
5. I'm taking a photography class this fall and am really excited about it. I don't get excited about classes. Ever.
6. I've traveled to: S. Korea, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and Canada.
7. I work for a college newspaper

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