Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thrift shopping adventure

I had the day off from any responsibilities, so I decided to retry my luck at thrift shopping. I usually become impatient and give up, or I don't find anything. Today, however, I scored pretty big, I think.
Two best items: a brown and white polka dot dress and a pair of men's leather shoes small enough to fit me. The latter was in the women's section at savers and it wasn't until I showed them to my mom that she pointed out they were men's shoes. I had just thought they looked like saddle shoes. But they (kind of) fit so hey--whatever works.
Here's what I wore shopping today:
Printed dress: Maurices
White sandals: Old Navy
Brown feathered headband: Target
Wooden earrings: Gift from friend

I bought the dress a couple of years ago and just recently rediscovered it. I've always liked the combination of patterns in the print.

Did a lot of shopping in San Fran this weekend, which has re-inspired me to stop wearing shorts, a t-shirt and Vans every day. Stay tuned.


  1. You wanna know something funny? I actually have this same dress! Ha, good thing we avoided twinsie days at work, eh? That feather headband is awesome, I'm tempted to say you should try wearing it across your forehead hippie-style, if it's elastic that is. It's a nice way to get the bangs off your face for a day.

    Where are the new shoes? I wanna see them!

  2. That's way funny. I've never seen you wear it. The headband is not elastic. I'll have to put a picture of the new shoes on later.