Thursday, July 16, 2009


I spent this past weekend traveling up to Spokane to visit some family. While I was there, I had dreams of venturing to Nordstrom and purchasing fantastic shoes and a new outfit.
We only made it to the Nordstrom Rack, and the shopping gods were not so much on my side.
I did, however, buy this t-shirt dress for $40, orginally priced at 120. I had to teach a design class today, so I opted for my most comfortable shorts and this grey shirt to add a layer. My most favorite and reliable shoes made the whole thing slightly less casual.t-shirt dress: nordstrom rack
grey layering shirt: urban outfitter
denim shorts: gap
grey wedges: journeys
rose necklace: urban outfitter

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  1. Hey...psssttt...I like your cardigan :) How did the design class go? Wow everyone with you InDesign and Illustrator skillzzz? I'm sure you did. And yes, let's definitely see September Issue...any idea where it might be playing in Reno?