Sunday, October 18, 2009

style funk

As the title of this posts, suggest, I have been in a style funk lately. Sometimes I get too exhausted to be creative and I often feel far to self-conscious to be adventurous.
The past couple weeks, however, I've been putting together a fall/winter fashion preview for my newspaper. I was in charge of styling most of the outfits and directing a photo shoot. It was a blast and I really wish I was skinnier so I could fit into some of the stuff that I picked out.
But I did buy this cardigan from F21, which just opened up here in town. This was one comfy outfit. Wore it to a work meeting and then shopping with my news editor, who decided that I could be his personal shopper/stylist. He hadn't bought clothes in a year so I promptly talked him into about $250 worth of new stuff. Success.
Blue cardigan: Forever21
White dress shirt: Old Navy
Vest: Old Navy (thrifted)
Leggings: Express
Flats: Store in Scotland
Watch necklace: DIY

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