Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A bit of costumery

There was probably a time when I wouldn't have left the house dressed like this, out of fear of massive judgement/steretyping.
But if you can't have fun when you're getting dressed, what's the point?

On Saturday the boyfriend and I went to Santa Cruz to see Yo La Tengo, which was massively awesome. I bought this concert t-shirt and decided that I felt like being a hipster indie-rock kid. Why not?

So yes, I wore my leggings as pants and wore my Vans instead of flats and it was damn comfortable.

Also I apologize that 1) the first photo looks retarded and 2) the second photo is out of focus. photo phail.




Shirt: Yo La Tengo concert T-shirt
Leggings: Express
Shoes: Vans
Striped cardigan: Urban Outfitters

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